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  • Wednesday 13 April 2005 : Wah-Wahhhh

    Panera's network was entirely down today: it'll be a while before I bother to try again.

  • Sunday 27 March 2005 : Panera Block List Still Silly

    Five sites blocked in January are now available at Panera, but seven that were available in January are now blocked. Two of the newly-unblocked sites are ones that I thought made sense to have blocked; only one of the newly-blocked sites even makes the least bit of sense.

  • Sunday 23 January 2005 : A List Of Websites Blocked At Panera
    The following forty-six websites were all observed to blocked by the nanny filter on the network at Panera Bread late in the afternoon of 23 January 2004. I got the list of URLs to try by loading in the contents of my own RSS aggregator, as well as the blogrolls from instapundit.com, dailykos.com, and atrios.blogspot.com. There seems to be...
  • Sunday 16 January 2005 : Bulk Jazz at Panera
    I was sitting in Panera Bread last night, fumbling around with proxies in an attempt to get around their ham-fisted network filtering. Now they’re blocking an art gallery’s website for ‘nudism’. The site does, indeed, feature photos of paintings and sculptures featuring people without clothes on, but I’d hardly classify this as ‘nudity’, much less ‘nudism’. I didn’t have...
  • Thursday 21 October 2004 : Panera Proxy

    Tino gets Tinotopia to be visible at Panera. Their filter is actually more robust than he would have bothered to make it, had he been put in charge.

  • Friday 01 October 2004 : Yet More Problems At Panera

    Panera's wireless network blocks Tinotopia. Apparently this site is 'adult' or 'mature'.

  • Thursday 30 September 2004 : More on the hazards of ‘free’ networking

    Others have been pointing out other problems with 'free' wireless networks.

  • Wednesday 29 September 2004 : Panera Bread, Reston Town Center

    The dangers of 'free' goods and services