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  • Tuesday 10 January 2006 : Achtung, Babies!

    Lancaster, TX schoolkids can’t remember anything they’ve learned for more than three weeks — according to the school system’s superintendent.

  • Tuesday 24 August 2004 : Confusing Cause and Effect

    Teachers are apparently starting to use purple pens to correct papers because red is too ‘harsh’. I wonder whether it occurs to them that is purple is used to point out students’ mistakes, it too will be seen as harsh.

  • Wednesday 31 March 2004 : Oh Thank Heavens

    Public-school officials on top of things as usual

  • Friday 05 March 2004 : Darwinian Education

    Is the U.S. education system really that bad? Is it possible that its apparent dysfunction actually serves a purpose?

  • Wednesday 03 March 2004 : Respect, Culture, Violence, and the Schools

    Showing something close to respect for violent people perpetuates the problem; portray them as pathetic clowns and the problem will abate.

  • Tuesday 14 October 2003 : School Performance, Poverty, and ‘Diversity’

    'Minority' students in Montgomery County, Maryland score lower than 'white' students, and the answer, of course, is more 'diversity'.

  • Friday 26 September 2003 : ‘Affordable’ Housing and Public Servants

    Real-estate market distortions result in a suburban county having essentially no housing that the county's employees can afford the live in. The solution? Why, more distortion, of course!

  • Friday 18 July 2003 : Education Spending and Performance
    There has been some discussion (here and here among other places about a chart that currently graces the front of the Department of Education's website. For your convenience, here is the chart: This looks pretty damning, and it appears to confirm what we all believe to be true (or what I believe to be true, anyway): that expenditures on education...
  • Friday 06 June 2003 : Teen Drinking and Ordnung
    I really have to start resisting the temptation to write about some of the things I see in the news. Some of these stories are so absurd in themselves that I don't have much to add. Let's see, though. Today's New York Times tells that story about the prom at Scarsdale High School. The headline says that limos are banned...
  • Thursday 05 June 2003 : Field Trips, Commercialism, and Education
    The Washington Post ran a story recently about school field trips. It hardly surprises me that they've become incredibly lame: The three dozen first-graders were a rowdy and wiggly bunch, almost as jumpy as some of the animals brought out for them to pet. The two classes from Arnold Elementary School in Arnold, Md., were on a field trip, 10...
  • Friday 25 April 2003 : A Failure To Communicate

    It's said that kids can't write, but it looks like the reality is that they can't even think.