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  • Friday 02 December 2005 : Unpredictability At The Airport
    They are changing the airport security regime again: Under the new plan, more passengers will likely be subjected to secondary screening, and pat-downs will include arms and legs as well as the torso. More canine teams will patrol airports. Passengers also can expect more randomness at security gates so would-be terrorists won’t know for sure what they might see. For...
  • Tuesday 11 October 2005 : A Trip To The Mall

    Tino goes to the mall, and finds it an unrewarding experience.

  • Tuesday 14 June 2005 : The Curse Of Abundant Choices
    The lovely and talented Don Boudreaux comments on a letter that appeared in the New York Times. The letter was written by a correspondent in McLean, Virginia, one of the world’s wealthier places and a suburb of Washington, DC. It’s impossible to really tell how much irony went into the letter, but for the moment we’ll take it at face...
  • Tuesday 24 May 2005 : Why The Grocery Store Is Always Out Of Things

    Maybe your experience is different, but I find grocery shopping pretty frustrating. Very, very rarely — if ever — can we get through a full shopping trip without at least one item on the list — usually more — being out of stock.

  • Thursday 12 May 2005 : Unpredictability At Work
    The other day, a part literally fell off my car. Unfortunately, this car was manufactured by General Motors, so this in itself wasn't particularly unpredictable. 'Like a rock', my ass: some particularly crumbly rock, perhaps. Today, I called the Chevy dealer and asked if they had the part, a license-plate light housing, in stock. They said they did, and...
  • Friday 15 April 2005 : Hotel Allegro, Chicago (Review)

    The Kimpton Hotel Allegro Chicago is found to be disappointing.

  • Wednesday 13 April 2005 : Wah-Wahhhh

    Panera's network was entirely down today: it'll be a while before I bother to try again.

  • Wednesday 12 January 2005 : Unpredictability at McDonald’s

    Eating at McDonald’s has become quite an unpredictable experience, possibly deliberately so.

  • Thursday 06 January 2005 : Unpredictable DRM

    DRM is a giant well of inefficiency-by-unpredictability

  • Wednesday 05 January 2005 : Unpredictability As A Drag On The U.S. Economy and Society

    Little elements of daily American life seem to be getting more and more unpredictable. This likely exacts quite a large toll, one that we seem totally oblivious to.